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Beginning Arc
Arc Information
Series DSS I, II, and III
Anime Episodes Episode 1 (DSS) - Episode 3 (DSS)
Episode 2 (DSSII) - Episode 4 (DSSII)
Episode 2 (DSSIII) - Episode 5 (DSSIII)
Arc Guide
Previous Arc N/A (DSSI)
World B Arc (DSSII)
The 2nd Great Disaster Arc (DSSIII)
Next Arc Old Mansion Arc (DSSI)
Return to World B Arc (DSSII)
Demons of Sins Arc (DSSIII)

The Beginning Arc is the first major story arc introduced in the Dissidia School Side series. The arc introduces the main protagonist of the series, Roku Klein, a transfer student in the Dissidia Senior High School who has been living in his hometown, Cornelia City - the homes of many talented warriors, wizards, and many, since a child.

The arc mainly focuses on the beginning of each story where Roku had to deal with many mishaps during his school and house life as well as introducing many of the characters in the series. This arc also makes an entrance for its season 2 until onwards, albeit adding characters (ex. the Seven Deadly Sins) into the story. This is the only arc where it appears in every season of it and titled as Beginning II and Beginning III for its respective season.